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A personal journey of discovery

I have spent the last 8 years working on the presentation of the site with material given to me by many great people including Rabbi Glazerson who is the main presenter of the codes in the videos.

It was first introduced to the codes around 20 years ago by Aish HaTorah and the codes frightened me at that time, and it was until 2007 that my interest was re-awakened. I was at a lecture given by Rabbi Glazeron and I felt strong desire to learn more about the codes as I just found the phenomena totally remarkable and truly outstanding. Having worked with the codes for many years I am always amazed to discover new and up to date information that they reveal. In fact I am still often left open mouthed when a table is revealed that accurately displays the subject matter in detail with times, dates, names of people and places.

The other element to the codes that separates them from other random large textual works is that the chapter (parsha) in which the tables are found often have deep relevance to the subject that they reveal which adds another dimension to the codes. The Jewish religious world is founded upon the believe that the world is created from the blue print of Torah much like a house is built from architect plan’s ( Rabbi Tatz’s expression as used in his book World Mask) and judging from the vast number of video and tables that we have discovered it is hard to argue with this view.

The codes are sometimes seen as controversial as they are initially a hard phenomenon to accept on face value, and the human instinct is to look for trickery or fraudulent manipulation. All I ask is that you study the site, look at the tables and form your own independent view. All I ask is that you if you like them spread the word !

The next question I ask myself is this.. if indeed the world is recorded in Torah then what implications does it have on a personal level for each of us? I feel we really are held accountable for our actions and thoughts, and like it is said on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur ( very holy Jewish days) all our deeds are recorded, so on a practical level it means that we need to be careful what we do, what we say and what impact we have on this world.

The site does not have any sponsorship or adverts and the reason is that I want to keep the site as pure and commercial free as possible, yet it costs significant sums every year to maintain it, but this is my gift to the world!

This site is dedicated to my dear father Barry Lionel Taylor who now is able to answer the question that he posed shortly before his passing "I wonder what is beyond here" 10th August 2011.

Stephen R Taylor